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Coherent Radar

Some links on coherent radar and the latest in radar technology developments. This page will be updated on a regular basis with information on radar technology and new radar systems. 
Radar Tutorial on Coherent Radar
The following radars are examples of first generation coherent radar designed for the civil marine market.
Simrad(Navico) BroadBand Radar
The Navico radar is an FMCW(Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave) Radar designed for the yachting market.  It operates in the X band and has a 70 MHz bandwidth offering a high range resolution.  The radar uses a small patch array antenna that provides a wide antenna horizontal beamwidth of 5.2 degrees.
Kelvin-Hughes SharpEye
The Kelvin-Hughes SharpEye is a pulse compression radar designed to meet the IMO shipboard radar performance standard and is currently only type approved to operate at S band.
JRC Solid State Radar
The JRC Solid State radar was announced in 2008 but at this time it is not know if the unit is in production.